Our Team

Murray KlippensteinMurray Klippenstein is the founding principal of the firm.  Murray enjoys reading history, economics, philosophy, jurisprudence, political theory, evolutionary studies, cosmology, psychology, quantum physics and business management, and understands some of what he reads.
Kiel Ardal gets working inspiration from photos of his three young kids at his desk. And yes, that may be a bit of spit-up on his shirt.
Kent ElsonKent Elson is very congenial and nice to be around.  It is, however, hard to talk to him on the many occasions when he has his headphones on.   It is unclear what he is listening to, but we do know he is listening intently.

Rosie Lewis

Rosie Lewis is our receptionist, office administrator and part-time law clerk, and still finds moments at her desk to knit cool things for friends.

Cory WanlessCory Wanless frequently looks suave and savvy in his sports coat, and represents the high end of dress formality in the firm.

Basil Alexander

Basil Alexander has ascended to emeritus status after seven years of stellar lawyering service at Klippensteins, and helps out when we have an issue that demands his considerable talents.

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